Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hey, it's been quite a while.

Hey! it's been quite a while since I don't update, really I don't do it cause I'm lazy to scan and I don't feel like showing something worthy so I'm probably gonna take a big rest on my SB and on the blog, maybe I'll write some thoughts or something but really i think I'm gonna let big updates for when I feel that my drawings/paintings are a little more worthy, by for now you just can find big crap, guess it's normal cause I'm a newbie, but anyway...

Anyway, want u ( if somebody's there ) to know that I keep drawing, maybe a little les motivated lately b'cause of my exams and shit but I anyway keep drawing, not painting cause my talbet got dead but anyway...

and well, not much to say , just lovin' art and lots of artist.

found 2 nice places for art:

and the very known CG talk wich I didn't know at all but always heard of.

quite inspiring stuff in there.

Well,I'm of see you soon ;)

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