Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Everyday's Struggle

Hey. Well I'm keeping it up. quite happy with the progres, and althought the results could be way better I'm pleased enough for now, specially cause I feel like every day I learn a ton on what NOT to do and what tends to be convenient. And I had great fun concepting and sketching something from mind and paint some more wich has been a totally enjoyable discovery ( PS and all that I've never been quite into it) and I think now it's time to start studying a bit in order to enhance my painting skills, so it'll all be fun. For the first time I feel like I'm enjoying the trip and not caring so much about the destination. So yeah, I'll bring some scans soon, but don't expect something new in terms of style or quality cause it's old, "same stuff" and mediocre execution so I'm wondering even if I must scan them, takes a long time , there are a lot, quite old and I don't even care to share them ,oh well, we'll see. For the rest hope you enjoy this update and have a neat day. See yaaaa! So, for today we have three speed paintings, two of them are stuff I've painted a long time ago and that I've reworked for 45 minutes each in order to see what I was able to achieve with swiftness, the answer?: Not much xD Oh and some random dude I made to practice values and more steps on the WIP I uploaded a couple days ago and the version without the LAME overlay.

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