Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back from the depths of silence and blockage! Hope everyone's doing fine, although I doubt that "everyone " makes more than the ocassional one or two people that may stumble across this xD, but anyway, here I am, brought some scribles, sketches and ideas, there's an awfull one with a kid and a wooden sword and a giant dog, and there's another one like that that also looks bad, but It`s kind of an intent to really see how am I doing at "unlocking" my imagination, so yeah, I think the new one, although dirty and messy conveys the message better, so there ya go. Oh and CA is down right now so I guess this update is exclusive for the blog :O Hmmm there's also some concepts and a couple ideas, also I've included a quickie I did on PS this week, i'll be bringing a lot more next week. On overall I must say I'm quite happy with the progress, altough it might not show on the final result I really feel like I'm starting to really convey what I want as far as ideas go. And well, if it helps me study more, it's positive, I tend to hate everything I do so this is a welcome change, to like something of mine :P Anyway I keep writing shit and all you want is get to the fucking pictures ( but I honestly doubt you read this first though xD). So there ya go, hope you have a nice day and all that!

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