Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi again, I know I'm barely updating this blog ( and honestly my CA sketchbook isn't getting much neither)but it's been due to the fact that lately I'm not painting digital at all, more than that I'm getting a bit ready for design assigments ( that I'm putting to myself, selfteaching is fun!!!:P) so I've been kinda preparing thumbnails, increasing design speed and establishing a process, cause I came to realise that painting skills are great, but if you don't have some backup fine design, you're gonna have a tough time getting to be concept artist. So... yeah, when I write long speeches like this it means I'm kinda blocked, lazy and shit and I don't get my way around a problem. As nobody reads this I can ramble like this as long as I please :D. So yeah, for today I only brought a digital painting wip of my best friend in a mercenary type of setting, it's still an early WIP, but compared to the usual crappyness on my digitals I must say I don't really hate this one. So...have a nice day ;D

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