Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back Again I Guess...

Hey Fellas! Well, been having hard times lately, Spain is kinda fucked up, specially over the wide spread corruption network all around, people is on edge. But oh well, that's life sometimes. On my very personal way I've been experiencing first hand the biggest lack of motivation I've ever encountered before in my aim to become a profesional artist. Yet I feel a bit better, and I feel I have surpassed the worst fear of all wich is coming back to something you gave up on. So yeah... here I am again, uploading a couple sketches I made, more will be coming soon. I hope I eventually break the limits that nowadays make me a less than average artist. Here's some old man thinking of his choices in life and stuff like that:
And this is some random reaper I made out of boredom and lack of ideas:
After all this time I should be back with tons of shit but unafortunately I'm having serious issues with my scanner controlers and won't be back to upload the chunk of stuff hidden in the sketchbooks, yet. So I'd like to end this entry by sending my best wishes to my grandfather who's currently in hospital , I know you'll get better cause nothing can stop you! Take care and don't let yourself down! To whomever's reading this stuff thanks for cheking out and cya around.

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